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Curcumin: A Polyphenolic Phytochemical Antioxidant
By Dr Maurice Iwunze, Ph.D.
Curcumin, a phytochemical that has been used in Eastern part of the world has received much attention in the Western world recently because of its known activity as an anti-oxidant.  Curcumin is a major constituent of the spice tumeric and a member of the curcuminod family.  In fact, Curcumin has been used a spice in most of the Eastern part of the world and has been known to preserve the freshness of food where it is used as an additive.  The yellow pigment that is observed in curried rice is due to the presence of Curcumin.  To read more, subscribe now.

Trend Report: North of the Border
By James C.
If you are looking for the hottest fashion market on the planet right now, look no further than Toronto, Canada.  From the luscious extravagance of Andy The Anh ball downs to the new glam looks of break-out designer Travis Taddeo, this past fashion week has been one to remember.  But Toronto isn’t the only market that is making a splash.
In fact, most of the impressive designers hitting the runways in Toronto are from neighboring Montreal.  To read more, subscribe now.

Sun Strategy
By Kirstin M.
We have all seen the statistics about the damage our skin can face when in the sun or jumping into a tanning bed.  So where does that leave us in our tanning options?
Here are some tips for developing your safe sun strategy:

  1. Know your skin type.  Is your skin fair?  Medium?  Dark?  Something in-between? Do you burn easily? Do you have any allergies? Are you on any medications?

Know your location. When is the hottest part of the day? How does the light move in the area you’re tanning in? If you’re going on vacation and planning some major tan time, find out how close it is to the equator (the sun is always hotter closer to the equator, which should determine how long you should stay in the sun). Do your research on the area so you’re fully prepared.  To read more, subscribe now





By Social Diva Doctor, MD

Well, as you can imagine, the time to seek medical advice is not only when you are in a ‘helpless’ situation.  A call to your doctor may also be for just a simple reason; a reason you may think is not worth seeking medical advice.  The following would be some of the reasons for you to call your doctor.

  1. You are changing an ongoing medication regimen.
  2. You are trying a new physical and strenuous exercise program.
  3. There is a recent change in your mood.
  4. There is a recent change in bowel movements.
  5. You seem to have an increase in thirst, water consumption, or urination.
  6. There is a change in your level of energy.
  7. There is a recent change in weight (gain or loss).
  8. There is a recent and persistent cough or change in its pattern and consistency.
  9. There is a recent and persistent fever, night sweats, and fatigue.

Sometimes, a timely call to your doctor before an annual visit could eliminate a lot of future medical problems.  Do not wait or delay the matter.  Give your doctor a call!


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